Ahmed Ibrahim ahmed
      Director of Coordination/Register General NGOs Dept. 
00252 63 4818953


Coordinate and monitor local and international organizations’ programs to ensure effectiveness, efficiency and accountability



1. Registers UN, national and international organizations working in the country
2. Appraises, approve and register international project staff
3. Assess initiatives for alignment with national priorities and development plans
before implementation

4. Monitors and evaluates the performance and progress of programs and projects

5. Develop and maintain a data base for registered organizations and their activities

6. Recognizes and rewards organizations for their performance

7. Establishes NGO resource centers at regional and district levels

8. Organizes training, seminars and conferences

9. Produces manuals and provide guidelines to Non-governmental organizations

10.Publishes online/offline a quarterly magazine on NGOs activities, experiences, development and networking

11.Assists organizations to facilitate their work in the country

12.Works closely with NGO umbrella organizations



1. An up-to-date electronic register of non governmental local and international organizations

2. An up-to-date electronic register of international staff

3. Evaluation and monitoring reports

4. Seminars and conferences

5. Manuals and magazine

6. Efficient, balanced well coordinated sector