Abdilahi Ahmed Hirsi
Director of Regional Coordination

  1. To develop Somaliland in to a country free from poverty.
  2. To create emotional attachment in our people, global talents and corporations whom we attract here.
  3. To develop Somaliland as a global city of knowledge, culture and excellent.
  1. To raise sustainable growth, economic opportunities, and living standard of all Somalilanders.
  2. To help Somaliland’s nation enhance their well-being and create social, economic and environmental conditions in which they can thrive.
  3. To develop and coordinate social protection and poverty reduction solutions for and with the poor, vulnerable and disadvantaged people.
Core Value
  1. Education as a means to help people identify assets, capacities, needs, resources, and solution.
  2. The development of viable communities through the wise use of natural, economic, social, and human resource.
  3. Research- based information as a basis for decisions.
  4. Civic participation to improve the quality of Somaliland citizens.
Regional Coordinators Section

The overall responsibility of this section will be:

  • Manage and supervise regional staff.
  • Organizes annual regional development conference.
  • Mobilizes volunteers to take part in regional development.
  • Establish and support regional development committees.
  • Works closely with regional government and local authorities.
  • Registers local NGOs.
  • Collect administrative data from government departments and local authorities.
  • Collects price data on daily basis.
  • Participate the coordination and planning of all modes of survey at the regional level.
  • Coordinates UN, INGOs and LNGOs at regional level.
  • Organizes monthly forum meetings for UN, INGOs and LNGOs.
  • Establishes regional level LNGO umbrella organization.
  • Provides training and technical advice on planning, management, project development, accounting, marketing, monitoring and fundraising.
  • Produces an annual regional statistical year book
  • Policy Development Section

  • The overall responsibility of this section will be:

  • Establishing a registry for the national development policies and to be updated periodically
  • Developing guidelines that harmonize policy development process across the government institutions and other stakeholders.
  • Develop mechanisms and national development frameworks for all the development agenda.
  • Advocate the initiation of the national development policies for specific sectors to boost the development.
  • Develop programs that raises the citizen awareness of national policies in close collaboration with the sectors.
  • Collaborate with the national and international institutions on policy issues including academic institutions, Tink tanks, local and international organizations, and other key stakeholders.
  • Coordinate the implementation of the national development plans, strategies and national development policies.
  • Technical Support and Capacity Building Section

  • The overall responsibility of this section will be:
  • To provide pool of expertise that can assist on the national development agendas.
  • To assist the government on the preparation of new initiatives, drafting of concept notes/proposals and other necessary national documents.
  • To develop operational guidelines, manuals, and policy documents as and when needed.
  • To provide guidance and support to the sectors.
  • Regularly train employees at the Ministry of Planning and National Development.
  • Mobilize resources to implement the national development plans.