Eng Ahmed Ibrahim Mohamed
Director of IT, GIS and Communication

Deliver the right MIS, GIS and Communication services to the right communities from the right providers
Enable rapid, seamless execution of MIS, GIS and Communication services
Build a diverse, collaborative team of MIS, GIS and Communication experts
Develop intentional design through MIS governance

To deliver an integrated, responsive, and secure technology environment that advances and supports excellent, research, innovation, and patient care.

Core Value
Accountability and transparency
Professionalism and ethical practices
Teamwork and passion for results
Innovativeness and creativity
Efficiency and effectiveness
  • Maintain an inventory of all the ICT equipment and licenses of in the ministry
  • Set up a LAN and use the networking protocols to administer and connect the computers to form a cohesive network of computers that share information
  • Planning and undertaking scheduled maintenance system upgrades.
  • Installing and caring for all the equipment needed to run a local area network.
  • Review data files and basic data cleaning to ensure all observations are uniquely identified
  • Conduct merging across data files to ensure clean fused files are established
  • Train users on how to utilize programs and databases
  • Collection of IT, GIS& Communication status data from the Ministry.
  • Quarterly report and the status level of IT, GIS& Communication of the Ministry.
  • Develop and manage the Somaliland Geo-database and standardized Metadata.
  • Ensure that suitable GIS management information systems
  • Develop and establish operating policies and approaches for Geographical computing and information technology.
  • Prepare an annual Plan to guide the IT, GIS& Communication department.
  • Ensure Implementation Environment Modeling and Mapping and Digital Image Processing
  • Integrate remotely sensed data with other geospatial data
  •  Plans, prepares, and distributes original promotional content such as articles, news and press releases, email, blog and social media posts, and other updates on behalf of the ministry
  •  Promotes and attends special events and functions; promotes and reports an activities such as ministries  goals and projects;
  • Performs other related duties as assigned.
  • Managing, writing and monitoring the website of the ministry