Establishment of Ministry of planning and National development  M&E department in August 2017

Immediately after the launch of the National Development Plan (NDPII) in July 2017, MoPND upgraded the M&E section in the coordination department to be a separate department, allowing it to play a more proactive and direct role in coordinating MEAL processes by liaising with the Planning and Statistical Departments(PSD’s) in all government institutions 

Legal Framework

The following existing legal instruments provide cornerstones for the national monitoring system:

v  The Presidential Decree from February 2008, mandating all governmental institutions to establish a Planning and Statistical Unit (PSU), that is responsible for planning, the collection of statistical data and M&E in the institution. The establishment of PSU’s has been achieved in virtually all Ministries and Agencies across government.  

v  In 2010, the Somaliland government passed the Non-Governmental Organizations Act, which regulates “the registration and activities, including M&E obligations, of non-governmental, independent and not-for-profit organizations; local/national NGOs, foreign NGOs, and international NGOs”.

v  The statistical Act establishes that MoPND’s Central Statistical Department has the mandate of coordinating the collection of statistical data across government institutions. 


Monitoring and Evaluation department mainly responsible includes the following:


v  Leading role of joint Monitoring and Evaluation missions of all development and humanitarian programs and projects in coordination with the line Ministries and other government agencies under whose institutional mandate they operate; to ensure that plans are implemented effectively and responsibly.        

v  Develop, introduce and coordinate operational aspects of the National Monitoring Evaluation System, National Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning policy, liaising with involved stakeholders in all sectors

v  Coordinate data collection for all national multi-sector monitoring reports and compile these reports in a timely manner. This set of reports notably includes National Development Plan(NDP) progress reports, aid effectiveness reports and Sustainable Development Goals reports 

v  Disseminate the main findings and lessons learned from validated national monitoring reports

v  Coordinate the development of harmonized data collection and reporting templates for national monitoring and Evaluations