Legal Mandates of the Ministry


The Ministry of Planning and National Development has the following mandates (translated from the Government Gazette, 06/01/2018):


Mandate as published in the Government Gazette


To produce appropriate plans and strategies for development capable of ensuring that the long-term goals of the country are achieved.


To establish long-term, medium-term, and short-term plans encompassing all economic and social aspects of the Somaliland people’s life, through fostering community engagement.


To prepare yearly targets to track progress in the provision of social services against measured baselines.


To coordinate all development projects funded by donors.


To produce statistics on all national resources, including livestock, agriculture, industrial production, and infrastructure in the country.


To prepare statistical reports on the social, economic, and environmental situation in the country.


To study and describe the socio-economic conditions of the community.


To strengthen Somaliland's economic development co-operation with donors and international organizations.


To monitor all development projects so as to ensure that plans are implemented effectively and responsibly.


To evaluate development projects upon completion, compiling findings of the evaluation in an end report.


To identify barriers that hinder development plans’ implementation.


To monitor the implementation of the National Development Plan II on an annual basis, reporting on performance, impediments, or obstacles as well as challenges. To advise on the appropriate steps necessary to overcome the identified obstacle and ensure that the intended objectives of the plan are reached.


To register international and local organisations operating in the country and involved in the implementation of projects.