Full Name :-  Muna Abdi  Ahmed 
Job tittle    :-  Director of Central Statistics Department
Email          :-   statistics.mopnd@sldgov.org

Provide high quality, timely and independent statistical information and promote its use for policy formulation, decision making, research, and general public awareness


  •  Provide data that is accurate, relevant, cost effective and timely about the nation's people and economy
  • Prepare national, regional, district and sector development plans
  •  Formulate and provide policy guidelines
  • Mobilize domestic and external resources
  • Register and coordinate the work of local and international non-governmental organizations,
  •  Ensure efficient allocation of resources


  • Designs and carry out socioeconomic surveys
  • Collects and compile existing national data from all sources
  • Conducts national censuses
  • Produces statistical books and publications
  • Computerizes statistical data and information collection system
  • Establishes a National Documentation Centre
  •  Computerizes data and records
  •  Maintains the ministry’s Servers and computers
  • Updates CSD website
  •  Builds and maintains local area network (LAN)
  • Train staff


  • Monthly statistical Abstract
  •  Quarterly bulletin
  • Somaliland Statistical Yearbook (Somaliland in figures)
  • Census publication
  •  Updated website pages
  • Additions to the National documentation center
  • Trained staff